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This Friday, April 25th, our Executive Director Daniel Alarcón will be in town to give a presentation at the CUNY Latin@ Cultural Studies Conference. The presentation will be free and open to the public. For more information, including the conference schedule and how to register, click here: http://bit.ly/1tDIS1K

Hope to see you there!


Gabriel García Márquez influenced writers and readers all over the world

Radio Ambulante’s Executive Producer Daniel Alarcón and BBC World Service Writer in Residence Hamid Ismailov reflect on the life and work of Gabriel García Márquez.


Join Executive Producer Daniel Alarcón on Thursday, April 17th for a roundtable discussion on “New Latin American Media: Innovation in Narrative and Reporting” featuring Lolita Bosch, Daniel Eilemberg, and Óscar Martínez. For more information and to RSVP, visit the event page here:



Escucha lo nuevo de RA: http://radioambulante.org/audio/la-comuna

La escritora mexicana Guadalupe Nettel nos lee un fragmento de su novela “El cuerpo en que nací”. La historia empieza en la ciudad de México, a finales de los años 70. Una familia, una madre y sus dos hijos, salen del DF para ensayar una nueva vida en el estado de Sonora.

Lee la transcripción completa aquí:



Mexican author Guadalupe Nettel reads an excerpt from her novel “The Body I Was Born In.” The story begins in Mexico City in the late 70s. A family, a mother and her two children, leave Mexico City to try out a new life in the state of Sonora.

Read the full Spanish transcript here:



The Litography Project

Please consider making a donation to our friends at The Litography Project, an interactive and evolving multimedia map that will honor San Francisco’s literary past, present and future.

And as a bonus, there is still one signed and personalized copy of award-winning author Daniel Alarcón’s newest book “At Night We Walk In Circles” still up for grabs!

Daniel Alarcón explains the value of telling a story in its original language. Watch the latest in Transom’s new “This is Radio” series: http://transom.org/2014/this-is-radio-daniel-alarcon/

(Click on CC for subtitles in Spanish)


Daniel Alarcón explica el valor de contar una historia en su idioma original. La nueva entrevista en la serie “This is Radio” de Transom.org: http://transom.org/2014/this-is-radio-daniel-alarcon/

(CC para subtítulos en español)

Video: Andrew Norton

Cómo crecimos / How We Were Raised — Alvaro Bisama (w/ English subtitles)

Estamos muy orgullosos de presentarles nuestra primera animación, “Cómo crecimos” por Álvaro Bisama. Una historia de cómo fue crecer durante la dictadura en Chile. 

We are proud to present our first animated story, “How We Were Raised” by Chilean novelist Álvaro Bisama. A story about growing up during the dictatorship in Chile. 

Animación/Animation: Nelly Ragua

Más info: http://radioambulante.org/multimedia/como-crecimos-video


Our third season kicks off this Monday and with it, some big things. So here’s a quick list of what you can look forward to this year:


–12 new episodes with stories from places like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Venezuela
-2 live shows
-2 radio workshops in Latin America
-The launch of an online portal with resources in Spanish for those who want to learn to produce radio
–A series of interviews with Latin American artists and thinkers
-Our first animated piece
-Our first episode in Portuguese
-A one-hour special in English
-New partnerships to broadcast our episodes in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.
-And much more!

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy the upcoming season this year!


Your friends at Radio Ambulante



Nuestra tercera temporada llega este lunes y trae grandes cosas. Les dejamos una idea de lo que viene este año. 


–12 nuevos episodios con historias de nuevos lugares como Puerto Rico, Cuba, República Dominicana y Venezuela.
–2 shows de radio en vivo. 
–2 talleres de radio en Latinoamérica.
–El lanzamiento de un portal online con recursos en español para aprender a producir radio.
–Una serie de entrevistas con artistas y pensadores latinoamericanos
–Nuestra primera animación. 
–Nuestra primera historia en portugués.
–Un especial de una hora en inglés. 
–Presencia en nuevas emisoras terrestres en Latinoamérica, Estados Unidos y Europa. 
–Y mucho más!

Gracias por escucharnos. Que disfruten este año! 


Sus amigos de Radio Ambulante



Una mujer anónima está matando choferes de bus en Ciudad Juárez. Yuri Herrera viajó a esa ciudad para averiguar por qué. Agradecimientos a Judith Torrea, Óscar Maynez y Lizzy Cantú.

Advertencia: Hay descripción gráfica de violencia. Puede no ser apto para menores de edad.
An anonymous woman is killing bus drivers of Ciudad Juárez. Yuri Herrera went there to find out why. Special thanks to Judith Torrea, Óscar Maynez, and Lizzy Cantú.

Warning: This story contains a graphic description of violence. May not be suitable for minors.


Also check out this beautiful drawing by Alice Leora Briggs, illustrating Diana’s story. See below:

You can also read the original English-language essay written by Yuri Herrera (the original text can be found here) and listen to the English-language story produced for This American Life in October 2013, Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers. Special thanks to Ira Glass and Brian Reed.

Source: SoundCloud / Radio Ambulante

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends and Supporters,

When we launched Radio Ambulante in May of 2012, we were passionate about bringing you nuanced and authentic stories of Latin Americans and Latinos. Now, a year and a half later, we can look back with pride at what we’ve accomplished. We’re writing today to ask for your help.

In 2013 alone, we have:


  • Produced a full second season, releasing powerful stories on a consistent bi-weekly schedule

  • Launched a newly designed website, making our archives more accessible than ever

  • Begun a partnership with BBC Mundo, where we’re reaching tens of thousands of new listeners

  • Won a Simón Bolívar prize, among the most prestigious journalism awards in Latin America

  • Hosted a successful, sold-out live show in NYC, featuring authors Junot Díaz and Francisco Goldman

  • Produced five new stories with our partners at PRI’s nationally-syndicated show The World

  • Began broadcasting in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and across the US on the Radio Bilingue network

  • Grown to well over 400,000 subscribers on SoundCloud

  • Worked with college professors around the country who are using Radio Ambulante in the classroom.


And we have our sights set on a very exciting 2014. We’ll be producing more audio and multimedia content, working with more local producers in more countries, and telling more complicated and challenging stories. We’ll be commissioning in-depth investigative pieces that tackle important regional issues, and putting on live shows in the US and Latin America.

But to do this we need you help. Please consider making a donation today. Any amount — no matter how small — is welcome and appreciated. Your support helps us pay our contributors, rent studio space and distribute new episodes.

We are a small, independent project. We produce Radio Ambulante because we know that listeners like you value the kinds of stories we tell. We are grateful and proud to have your support, and hope you can help keep us on the digital and traditional airwaves.

Thank you and happy holidays,

Daniel Alarcón


P.S. We just released our latest episode “Postcard from Juárez.” We’ll be back in 2014 with a new season and special interview series.